Fast Track Your Growth: We Handle The Lead Generation, You Focus on Coaching

The Coaching Accelerator is an agency that helps coaches grow their businesses by providing consulting and lead generation services.

Whether you lack time, the know-how, or simply dislike doing lead generation, if you're a coach and need help filling your calendar with interested prospects, we can assist. 

We handle the tough stuff for you, using a proven process that works for all types of coaches. Creating the prospect lists, workflows, materials, and scheduling meetings, so that you can focus on what you love most: coaching!

Our Clients

Your Future Wellness

No Contracts, Just Results!

We know that it can be scary dealing with a new agency that promises the world. Whether it is the thought of being stuck in a long-term contract, wasting your time or losing money. We stand by our quality of service and are happy to share the risk to make our new clients feel at ease.

We let all coaches try our service first, without any contract commitment and a 50% discount, allowing you to see the quality of our work.  This way, you can see what a long-term partnership with us would be like and the kinds of meetings we can set up for you.

Our process includes in-depth target market research, buyer profile analysis and a focus on quality over quantity ensuring you and your brand are always well represented. We care about our clients' success and offer on-demand account management, so that you can feel as though our team is your team.

Consulting & Strategizing

We customize our approach to fit your unique coaching business needs. Our team conducts in-depth market research to ensure our strategies align perfectly with your target audience, focusing on personalized sales messaging for LinkedIn and email. 

Lead Generation

We specialize in generating high-quality leads through personalized outreach on LinkedIn and email, tailored specifically for your coaching business. Our strategic approach prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and targeted. 

Dedicated Acc Management

Our account managers dive deep into understanding your coaching business, acting as your own in-house expert and advocate. They are not just liaisons but integral parts of your team, committed to your growth and available to address your unique needs.